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About Us

GSA InfoComm has extensive international experience in information and communication technology policy and research. We provide services to bridge the digital divide supporting the equitable use of telecommunications and the Internet in the community.

GSA InfoComm has evolved from GSA Information Consultants established in 1994.

GSA's recent major consultancies include:

GSA InfoComm Logo Study into policy and practice of accessibility criteria in ICT public procurement in OECD countries (with University of Wollongong)


Policy and background papers on Assistive Technology in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (for Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association)
Occupational Therapy Logo Therapy Choices website (for Occupational Therapy Australia)
Cardiac Logo CARDIAC - 3-year project to generate a research agenda roadmap highlighting research priorities in accessible and assistive ICT (for European Commission)
Internet Society Internet Accessibility Policy Paper (for Internet Society)

Gunela Astbrink, the Principal of GSA, has been active in disability issues for the past 25 years. She has the lived experience of disability.

She led projects at the Telematics and Disability Centre of Telia (Swedish Telecom) and the European Union-funded project, COST 219 (Telecommunications: Access for Disabled and Elderly People).

For over 10 years, Gunela was National Coordinator of TEDICORE (Telecommunications and Disability Consumer Representation) ensuring that end-users participated in policy and standards development. 

Gunela was part of the Smart Internet Technology Cooperative Research Centre’s user-centred design group and led a project on multi-modal mobile devices. Gunela's work has taken her to many parts of Australia, Europe, Asia, the Pacific and North and South America.

Gunela is an invited speaker at Internet, telecommunications, research and disability conferences globally.

Gunela is often called upon to review key international policy documents and volunteers her time to participate on international Internet committees and groups.

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GSA InfoComm is based outside a capital city and has facilities to enable us to work with you wherever you are.

PO Box 600
Ballina NSW 2478